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Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship will be granted to foreigners who buy
at least 250.000 USD of real estate in Turkey,
invest at least $ 500.000 , or open a deposit account of at least $ 500.000.

Turkish Citizenship

According to the regulation amending the implementing regulation of the Turkish citizenship law published today in the Official Gazette,

– Buying the real estate for at least  250.000 US Dollars provided that it is not sold for three years,

– invested at least  500.000 US Dollars in fixed capital

– At least 500.000 US Dollars will be granted Turkish citizenship to foreigners whose deposits have been documented to be deposited in banks operating in Turkey, provided that they keep the deposit for three years, or that they have purchased government borrowing instruments for three years.

With the amendment, it was ruled that foreigners who were documented to have employed at least 100 people would also be entitled to receive Turkish citizenship.

How to Get Citizenship in Turkey
We answered the most curious about Turkish Citizenship for you. Visit the FAQ.
Turkish Citizenship

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