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Step by Step Purchase

1) Find your ideal property

a.  First, determine your budget you can allocate for buying a house. Once you know your budget, you can apply the filter more easily. This will help your investment advisor to pin down what suits you the best. Your advisor will lead you to the best fitting option to your likes and to your budget.
b.  Share with your advisor in what you intend to invest:
a. A house to live in?
b. An investment for a good rental income?
c. A profitable investment for your future?

2) Review the alternatives offered to you by your advisor.

a.  Be curious, ask about every detail to your advisor
b.  Consider the price/benefit balance
c.  Ask your advisor to organize visits to the projects you wish to see
d.  Do location inspections and consider transportation routes

3) Looks like you’ve chosen where you want to invest

After a good research, put down a deposit to guarantee in advance your purchase. The upcoming steps of purchasing a house may vary depending on what kind of property you are investing in.

a.  Do not keep the deposit amount high if you have any suspicion
b.  Future steps may vary depending on what you are buying:
§  Is it ready or under construction ?

4) How to prepare the necessary documents

You can complete the documents needed for purchase in Turkey all in one day. Our agent will guide you through all this process.

a. Tax Number; You need a tax number to make purchase in Turkey. In order to obtain this number, you will need to visit one of the authorized municipality in the city you wish to purchase the property with your passport. Normally, it will not take longer than 10 minutes to obtain this number. There is no fee to be paid for this procedure.
b. 4 portrait Pictures. In accordance with the measures prescribed by the law, you will need 4 portrait pictures.
c. Passport translation; The legal authorities require a notarized translated copy of the purchaser’s passport signed and stamped by the notary. This can be done in any notary. The Notary fee for this procedure will be approximately 30 USD.
d. POA; If you want the agent to make the purchase under your name, you will need to give the agent a “purchasing Power of Attorney”.

5) Buying process
  • Learn the extra costs on the sales price: annual taxes, taxes paid only once during the purchase, monthly site fees, utilities, subscriptions etc.
  • If the place you are buying is ready, the title deeds proceed quickly and you will have bought the property in full within 1-2 days*.
  • If the property is under construction, we will make you an agreement with the developer company. Make sure you read the entire contract before signing it.

* It is important that a foreign client previously has bought a house from the same area. Otherwise the process may take longer. In this case the duration of the military license procedure is approximately 45 days. You can learn the details from your agent.

After Sales Service

If you are reading this section carefully, you probably have bought a property in Turkey. There are a few things to be done:

  • YourHomeinTurkey assigns you an expert consultant once you purchase the property. YourHomeinTurkey after sales team will be there for each and every question you may have and also provide you full support about the following topics:
  • Electricity, gas, water and internet subscriptions, application for residence permit, furnishing of the apartment, restoration and decoration, site management registration, opening a bank account etc.

Property Management Service

YourHomeInTurkey provides you property management service which includes the following:

  • Finding a tenant and lease follow-up
  • Periodic reporting to the property owner
  • Follow-up of debt and annual taxes
  • Welcoming and guiding your guests

Property Sales Service

  • Our experienced investment specialists will be constantly watching the price increase of your investment and will be updating you about the market.
  • We can offer you to buy a more profitable property by selling this investment depending on the current market.
  • By any reason, if you wish to sell your property, our entire team will be ready to give you full support in this regard.
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