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Does Turkey Give Citizenship?

Posted by editor on 31 December 2019

Yes. The Government of Turkey, began providing citizenship since December of 2018.
Foreign citizens who purchase 250,000 USD worth of real estate can be a eligible to get Turkish Citizenship.
There are several other ways of becoming a Turkish Citizen; click to review them.

The most frequently asked questions about acquiring Turkish citizenship;

Q1: I have been granted Citizenship, but my family?
A1: Your spouse and all children under 18 can get Turkish Citizenship with you.

Q2: Should I purchase a single place, or would the total value of several properties be 250,000 $ ?
A2: You do not have to use 250,000 $ for a single purchase of property.
For example; You can buy a house worth 150,000 $ for yourself to live in and 2 houses worth 50,000 $ each for investment.
The real estate you purchased may be an apartment, land or a commercial area. The important thing is the total value of all of your investment.

Q3: What will be the exchange rate for the Turkish Lira – Dollar calculation?
A3: The exchange rate will be calculated on the day you purchased properties with the Banknote Selling Rate of the Central Bank of Turkey.

Q4: Can my children over 18, become a citizen?
A4: As children grow, so do their expenses. 🙂 For them, you need to purchase another real estate worth 250,000 USD

Q5: How long does it take to get citizenship after buying property worth 250,000 USD?
A5: Generally, it is completed within 1-2 months.

Q6: Can we get a residence permit with the property we purchased during the citizenship approval process?
A6: You can get your residence permit for the whole family on the day you apply for Turkish Citizenship.

Q7: What should be considered during the purchase process?
A7: It is easy to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying real estate, but there are many issues that require attention. Experts from YourHomeinTurkey team will be with you throughout the whole process.

Q8: Do I have to give up my citizenship to become a Turkish citizen?
A8: You can remain your own, Turkey’s laws, accept multiple citizenship.

Q9: In the process of receiving Turkish Citizenship, do I have to be personally in Turkey?
A9: No, a person can be able to manage the whole process on your behalf with an attorney. If you request, you can also give YourHomeinTurkey a power of attorney. Our experience in this process is at your service.

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